European Day of Languages 2017

European Day of Languages was launched in 2001 by the Council of Europe and the European Union.  It is celebrated around the world every year on 26th September.  It is a day to celebrate the diversity of languages spoken by the 800 million people living in Europe, and to reflect on the skills learning a language can bring. 
Some facts about languages in schools in Northern Ireland
-Last year, over 130 people took a GCSE and 84 people took an A-level in a language other than French, Spanish, Irish and German.
-Last year, after French, Spanish, Irish and German, the most popular language taken at GCSE was Polish, and at A-level it was Chinese.
-Since 2001, the number of newcomer pupils (whose 1st language is not English) in our schools has risen from 1366 to almost 10,500!
-There are over 5,000 young people in N Ireland who attend Irish-medium schools.
To celebrate EDL at DCP, the Languages Department held a whole day extravaganza! This started with the showing of a video project involving staff and pupils showing off their language skills.  This video was created and edited by Miss Ellis, and presented by the Language Leaders.  At break, a tuck shop was organised by Mrs O’Connor and Ms NiMhaolain where pupils were able to treat themselves to croissants, brioche and genuine Tayto IE crisps shipped in especially for the occasion.  The stall sold out within minutes and pupils were thrilled to nab a tasty treat.  At lunch, a Big Fat Languages Quiz of the Year was hosted by Miss Ellis in the library for Years 8-10 with help from Mrs O’Connor, Ms NiMhaolain and the Language Leaders.  As well as the winning team receiving EDL edition snap bracelets and stickers, there was an opportunity for all pupils to win a prize by participating in the famous “Yes/No” game in between rounds which provided lots of giggles.

Thank you to all staff and pupils who helped to make European Day of Languages special in DCP this year.

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