Transfer 2019-20 Arrangements

To download the Registration Pack simply log on to: (available from Monday 13th May 2019)

The registration pack contains the following documentation:

Entrance Assessment Registration Form
  To be completed and returned to an Assessment Centre by Friday 20th September 2019. (2.00pm)

Guidance Notes
  To assist in the completion of the Entrance Assessment Registration Form and other documents.

Access Arrangements Form (AA1)*

  To be completed if you are claiming Access Arrangements for your child (see Guidance Notes).

Access Arrangements Form (Medical Information) AA2*
  To be completed by your child’s General Practitioner or Medical Consultant in support of a claim for Access Arrangements in relation to a medical condition.

Access Arrangements Form (Special Educational Needs) AA3*
  To be completed by a suitably qualified person in support of a claim for Access Arrangements in relation to your child’s special educational needs.

Specification of the Entrance Assessment
  These are the topics being assessed by the Entrance Assessment on 16th November 2019 and by the Supplementary Entrance Assessment on 7th December 2019.

Sample Papers
  These are samples of the English and Mathematics practice and assessment papers being used for the Entrance Assessment along with sample answer sheets.

Frequently Asked Questions
  These are answers to some of the queries you may have. If they do not cover all of your concerns, please contact your nearest Assessment Centre.

To view the Transfer 2019/20 Timetable click here 

*If you are claiming Access Arrangements for your child, you are advised to obtain a copy of the Access Arrangements policy document available on request from any Assessment Centre or from the websites which are listed in the Guidance Notes. Documentation is also available from