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Aimee proud to show her “True Colours”.

Congratulations to Aimee Semple, an U6 Art student at Dominican College, whose work has once again been selected by CCEA for the True Colours Exhibition which is currently at the Ulster Museum in Belfast. This is the second year in a row that Aimee’s work has been recognised by the examination board and deemed representative of the exemplary quality of art produced in our local schools.

Her AS level work was a series of pieces based on the female figure and is currently on show in the exhibition. Aimee was also delighted to be able to showcase her work at Dominican College’s Centenary Art exhibition last summer where it drew very positive feedback from within and beyond our local community.

Miss Laura McConnell, Head of Art, explained “Aimee has a broad range of skills in Art, specifically in detailed pencil drawings. She has always been willing to take risks in her works in her quest for innovation and originality and is equally happy using larger, mixed media canvases. She is studying relationships within some of her A2 work and continues to hone and refine her skills”

Aimee is pictured with her work on the opening night of the exhibition and with some of her current A2 work with Miss McConnell.

Well done Aimee on behalf of all in Dominican.

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Full steam ahead for Portstewart schools in collaborative Science club!

Over the next few weeks budding scientists from Portstewart P.S. and St Colum’s P.S. Portstewart will visit Dominican College for a series of joint Science workshops. The initiative sees all three schools in the town once again working together to continue to work begun as part of the Marvellous Movers project.

In 2016 the two primary schools took part in a joint STEM project involving each one of the 420 pupils in each school in a unique way. The co-ordinators were keen to ensure the inclusivity of the project and to engage and stimulate pupils. This resulted in a Merit award and the joint primary school team were one of six schools to be recognised in this way. Dominican students were invited to help the Marvellous Movers project both in terms of editing their promotional video for the Rolls Royce sponsored Science prize and in mentoring the pupils. This enhanced the community links between the three Portstewart schools and enabled pupils and staff to work in partnership.

As a consequence of their success in the Rolls Royce Marvellous Movers project where the local schools were winners of the Eden Ecology Award and overall runners up in the Rolls Royce Science Prize in November 2017, the schools were awarded a grant to continue to promote Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths activities as a legacy project.

After careful liaison between the three schools last term it was agreed to work together once again on an after school STEAM club to help promote the fun side of Science and Technology to the young pupils and to enable the older pupils to mentor and motivate their primary school counterparts.

Primary Five pupils from both schools are currently visiting Dominican once a week to variety of interlinked Science and technology based projects; Primary Seven pupils will also attend the after school activities later this term. Rani Gill, the co-ordinator from Rolls Royce, told the local schools that their collaborative work was unique within the competition in that it involved pupils from both the Primary and Grammar sectors and is very much looking forward to visiting Portstewart later this year to explore the continuing success of the work done within the legacy project. She explained how the Marvellous Movers project perfectly encapsulated Rolls Royce’s avowed aim of promoting access to Science based activities for boys and girls of all ages in a fun, exciting and relevant way.

Pupils from all three schools are pictured with teachers from St Colum’s, Portstewart Primary and Dominican College.

Staff are (L-R) Miss L. Thompson ( Dominican), Mrs M. Shaw ( St Colum’s), Dr L. Greene (St Colum’s), Miss L. Gilmore ( Portstewart Primary), Mr M. Cunningham ( Dominican) and Miss G McGoldrick ( St Colum’s).

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High level of Interest in Dominican College 2018 Open Nights

Two evenings in mid -January 2018 saw a very high turnout at the Dominican College Open Nights. Both nights commenced with a presentation by Ms Ronan, Dominican College Principal and Mr Ramsay which emphasised both the high levels of achievement within the school and the caring philosophy of a Dominican education.

Parents and prospective pupils then took the opportunity to tour the school and visited twelve different areas of school life. This year saw a high number of pupils from both Primary Seven, many of whom sat the GL assessment in November 2017, and also an increasing number of Primary Six pupils all keen to learn more about Dominican College.

Ms Ronan explained that arrangements for the 2018- 19 school year will remain as they were for the 2017-18 year: 100 Year 8 places with up to 69 allocated on the basis of the GL assessment. For the 2019-2020 school year up to 50 of the 100 places in Year 8 will be allocated on the basis of the GL assessment.

In her opening address Ms Ronan explained that “Our aim is to assist each pupil
in his or her pursuit of full human and spiritual development” and stated that ETI have reported positively on how the school, “Nurtures the individual needs of the pupils, encourages their diverse talents, promotes a sense of self-worth and develops their full potential as confident and well-rounded individuals who are able to contribute to society and the economy”.

Among the very many strengths of the school, Ms Ronan highlighted:
• Outstanding Pastoral Care,
• High Quality Teaching,
• Rich Learning Experiences,
• High Levels of Motivation and Engagement,
• Confident Independent Learners,
• Exemplary Behaviour Respect and Fellowship.

Wishing each and very pupil all the best in their young futures, Ms Ronan concluded by stressing to parents “Our advice has always been that parents should make, as their first preference, the school that they believe is the one most suited to their child and the one they would really like their child to go to’.

Taking as his theme of the Journey Mr Ramsay, Head of Key Stage 3, began by welcoming our prospective Dominicans: “Boys and girls you are about to embark on a new journey as you choose your next school.

This is an exciting time, a time of change and transition, both for you and for us.

Our aim, if you choose our school, is to help you every step of that journey from Aug 2018 to June 2025.We have a wonderful, nurturing staff in this school who will help you achieve your potential, in every way, within a unique Dominican ethos. Our aim is to create a secure positive learning environment for you and each of the potential other 99 new Year 8 pupils.
We want you from day one to will feel confident, equal, secure and valued here.

We as a school are keen to preserve our unique family atmosphere as the school continues to grow as our second centenary dawns.

Our Current year 8 pupils have transferred from 23 different feeder primary schools – pupils in our wider school have come from 44 different feeder schools.
It is from the diversity of these tributary primary schools that we derive our strength and uniqueness as a school.

I hope that over the course of tonight you will get to meet pupils from your school. Think about the journey they have made and what you would gain from following in their fabulous footsteps.”

Following the opening presentations pupils and parents were guided through the school in eleven groups of 35-40 to enable them to meet with pupils, speak to members of staff and to sample some of the curricular and extra-curricular experiences of Dominican College.

Registration for the GL entrance assessment for P6 pupils (those intending on entering the school in September 2019) will open in mid-May 2018 and will close in Mid-September. The school will host registration mornings to enable parents and pupils to become familiar with the transfer arrangements and to register.

Feedback on both nights from parents and pupils was exceptionally positive and the school would like to thank all the pupils and parents who attended the nights and to wish the young people every success in their future.

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Wednesday Bus arrangements due to Open Night preparations.


To allow preparation for our Open Night on Wednesday 10th January, classes finish at luncntime.

Buses have been booked for 1.00pm, 1 for Portrush and 1 for Coleraine.

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Open Nights 2018 Information

Dominican College will hold two Open Nights on January 10th and 11th 2018 for parents and primary school pupils.

We envisage that both P6 and P7 pupils will want to attend to learn about transferring to Dominican College in the 2018-19 and 2019-2020 school years respectively.

Although parents are welcome to attend either evening, Wednesday 10th January is specifically designed for pupils from Coleraine and Ballymoney Primary schools and Thursday 11th January is designed for pupils from Portstewart and Portrush Primary schools.

Each evening will commence at 7.00 P.M with the principal’s speech followed by tours of the school enabling pupils and parents to meet with Dominican staff and pupils across all areas of our curriculum.

We are very proud of all our pupils and particularly our Year 8 pupils who will help our visiting primary school pupils and their parents feel welcome in Dominican College, Portstewart.

We look forward to seeing you there and showing you all that is great about DCP!

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SVP Toy and Hamper Appeal 2017

Well done to all our pupils who have helped contribute to this year’s SVP toy and hamper appeal.

Collectively as a school community we created 28 hampers that are bursting at the seams and also raised a total of £422 which was then used to buy toys. On Friday 8th December members of our junior SVP group braved the extreme weather to help choose the toys for this year’s appeal.

Thank you also to all the staff who contributed to this so generously by bringing in a food item/money donation. Well done also to all our form teachers for overseeing their classes hamper and donation- we honestly could not do it without your support!

The hampers and toys will be displayed around the crib over the next few days.

Mr Eugene Kelly from the SVP Conference will come in for assembly on Monday 18th December to receive the hampers/toys at a special assembly for all pupils from years 8 to 12.

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