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CC&GBC I Pledge Project



“I Pledge” project being facilitated as part of Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council’s Good Relations Programme. They are trying to provide an opportunity for people in our communities to respond in a positive way to their experience of Covid-19.


 It only requires a one-sentence response for those who wish to engage and can be very simple, especially for younger children. Teachers and parents are also very welcome to participate! Responses can be sent by email to by Thursday 20th August.


The pledges that people send in will be included on their website during Community Relations Week in September 2020. They will also be printing a booklet with all the pledges they receive and we plan to send this out for participants to keep.


Attached Flyer click here to view/download. ( This is in pdf format )



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The Careers Service – Supporting Students and Parents at Results Time



AS / A Levels Results - Thursday 13 August 2020

GCSE Results - Thursday 20 August 2020

Once you receive your results you may have important decisions to make, and the Careers Service is here to guide and advise you.


For Contact Advice and Information click here to view/download.

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2020-21 School Calendar,Code of Conduct,Mobile Phone and Uniform Policies



School Calendar and Parent Meetings 2020-21 please Click here.

“Parents and pupils should note that all school dates for the 2020-21 school term may be subject to change due to Covid-19.

Each of our Year groups will have an Induction day beginning on August 24th. Our Year 12 and 14 pupils will begin timetabled class on Tuesday 25th August.”



Code of Conduct Policy 2020-21 please Click here.


“Parents and pupils should be aware that the Dominican College Code of Conduct has been revised to reflect the current Covid-19 situation. Pupils will be updated on school hygiene, social distancing and health and safety at all times as the Covid situation changes."


Mobile Phone Policy 2020-21 please Click here.


School Uniform Policy 2020-21 please Click here.



"We thank all parents for their support in what has been a particularly challenging time for pupils, staff and parents and we very much look forward to welcoming our young people back to school as soon as is safely possible. We will continue to keep pupils and parents updated.

We wish all our Dominican families a safe and happy summer break.”

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Emerging Minds


The University of Oxford do a lot of work on the development and treatment of anxiety problems in children and young people. They have put together an evidence-based resource (also translated into a number of other languages) to help parents/carers manage children’s worries around Covid-19. To view link click here.


They have also recently launched a UK based study to track child and adolescent mental health over the next few months during the COVID-19 pandemic, and to identify what is helping and what families need.

So far over 9,000 parents/carers have taken part in the study and so we have a lot of really interesting and useful data to share.

There is more information about the study click here:


A short video giving an overview is on Twitter click here. And Facebook click here.

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Familyworks School Counselling Service



The mental health and wellbeing of young people during the coronavirus outbreak is paramount, and Familyworks is trying to reach as many young people as possible in order to help them.

Here is some information for our students on how to refer into the counselling service and the phone number for the helpline, which is open 9am – 2pm, Monday to Friday.


Familyworks wish to let you know that summer counselling will be accessible so that any young person can obtain counselling between 1st -14th July and 17th - 31st of August.

All referrals can be made directly via the digital referral form on the Familyworks website or via telephone helpline numbers, which are 02891821721 and 02891820341.


 Referral System Flowchart click here.



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