Guys and Dolls Synopsis

“Guys and Dolls”, described as, “An engaging and entertaining story for all the family set in 1950’s New York.

The story revolves around two lifelong gamblers Sky Masterson (Timothy Davidson) and Nathan Detroit ( Conor Molloy) who, as a consequence of a series of events, are forced to choose between their love of gambling and the love of a woman.

Sky is forced to reassess his non – committal fourteen year relationship with an entertainer Adelaide (Anna Warke), a relationship which she pretends in letters to her mother has resulted in marriage and children.

During the show, Sky accepts a bet from Nathan daring him to charm Sarah Brown (Ellen Duguid) from her vocation in The Mission Band to a vacation in Havana, a gamble that has both men fearful of the changes brewing in their lives and others.

Musical highlights from the show, guaranteed to get audiences singing along include “ Guys and Dolls”, “ Luck Be A lady Tonight”, “ Take back Your Mink” and “Sit Down, You’re Rocking The Boat”.