Stem Technology Competition Success

Well done to our three Technology teams who took part in a Rotary Technology Tournament last Wednesday.

The three teams, one each from years 9, 10 and 11 travelled to Loreto College to compete in a Technology competition. Mr Hynds, our Head of Technology, accompanied the groups and was delighted by the way each pupil and group reacted to the challenges they were set.

Our Year 9 team, Charlotte, Rachel, Joseph and Jack were the overall winners of the competition and were each awarded with an Amazon gift voucher along with the hour and pride of being victors.

Each group was judged on their ability to plan and collaborate as a team, to analyse the given problem and their awareness of the principles of engineering, to come up with an effective solution and to present and communicate their ideas. The final points for each team were awarded on the realisation of their project.

Charlotte and Rachel provided this summary of their day’s work and success:

'For the S.T.E.M competition, we were required to design and make a satellite launcher. It consisted of a cup and a ball. The ball had to be launched straight up into the air and through a hoop. There were extra points added if the ball travelled all the way up to the ceiling, and if it landed on the target. When launching the ball, students had to be at least one metre away from it. We were also required to make a portfolio on our project. It had to include diagrams of our structure, drawings, and pieces of writing.

Our project went well at the start, and our ideas were unique to other groups. However, we experienced difficulties with getting the ball to travel high enough. These were overcome by adjusting the rubber bands and the position of the cup. After we finished making our projects, the judges marked them and tested them on the testing rig.

The winners were announced and we were delighted to be announced the overall winners. We would like to thank Mr Hynds for all his help and support in the run up to the competition”.

Well done to all our students involved in this competition.