Hogwarts comes to Dominican College

To coincide with National #harrypotterbooknight , the Dominican College Library, with the help of Mrs Davies and Ms Gillen, hosted an afternoon of Harry Potter Themed Fun and a Magical Creatures Quiz.

Almost forty of our most avid Harry Potter fans were put into their Houses by the Sorting Hat and enjoyed some butterbeer, pumpkin juice, jam tarts and cakes from Hagrid’s Hut and the Hogshead.

The quiz was hard fought but was won by Slytherin House, no doubt by cheating, skulduggery and conniving!

Thank you to the pupils from Year 11 and Year 13 for all their help in organising and overseeing the quiz, you were fantastic.

Accio February 2019 when we will Alohomora our doors to Muggles again!