Dominican College Myanmar update 21


Dominican College Myanmar.
An update from a war-torn country.

As a way of recognising the 50th anniversary of boys joining our school community in 1968, it was decided to support a Dominican School in Myanmar as part of our school charity work over the past four years.

The official name of the school is Dominican, St Martin de Porres’ Boarding School, founded in 2014.The pupils are 14+ years old. These pupils go to government schools during the day, and to their Dominican school at night, where teachers help to prepare them for university and other higher education. The final grade, which is essential for university admission, is very difficult to attain.

Acknowledging those in need and reaching out in support continues to be a vital part of our Dominican ethos and we were delighted this week to receive an update from Myanmar about the real difference our fundraising efforts are beginning to make. In January 2021 we were delighted to be able to contribute a further £1500 to help support the staff and pupils of Dominican College, Myanmar and we hope to be able to find further ways of supporting the school over the coming months and years. We have witnessed a serious situation unfold in Myanmar and continue to pray for the safety and well-being of all the people of Myanmar.

Fr. M, OP has sent us this update at a time when Myanmar faces many challenges and his update highlights the distress of these people and the dangers within the ongoing political situation. We have edited some of the information he has sent us to help ensure his safety and the safety of his colleagues. His words bring home in a stark way the horrors of what is happening.

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