Dominican College Myanmar: An update on our fundraising efforts


As a way of recognising the 50th anniversary of boys joining our school community in 1968, it was decided to support a Dominican School in Myanmar as part of our school charity work this year.

Sr. Lucina described how this came about:

To celebrate this Golden Jubilee is important, but after a year of celebrating the centenary of the school something different is demanded. One very appropriate idea emerged – could we form a link with a co-ed Dominican school in a very different part of the world, who could benefit from our annual fundraising, as we and our present pupils could mutually benefit from broadening our horizons through our contact with them and another country and culture?

Through the mother house of the Dominican Order in Rome, we are now in touch with a small school in Mandalay, Myanmar, which may be young in years, but has so much in common with DCP. It is small now, as we were back then and, like us, it is co-ed, welcoming pupils from different traditions, Catholic and Buddhist. It is struggling, as we did for so long.

The official name of the school is Dominican, St Martin de Porres’ Boarding School, founded in 2014. At present there are 103 students, in four levels, 44 boys and 59 girls, approximately half Buddhist and half Catholic. The pupils are 14+ years old. These pupils go to government schools during the day, and to Dominican at night, where 10 teachers help to prepare them for university and other higher education. The final grade, which is essential for university admission, is very difficult to attain.

Acknowledging those in need and reaching out in support continues to be a vital part of our Dominican ethos and we were delighted today to receive an update from Mandalay about the real difference our fundraising efforts are beginning to make.

The school recently sent the school £2,500 which included school donations, some of the beach walk donations and some donations from the the Justgiving page. Click here or copy and paste the link into your browser to view.

Fr Hilario offers his sincere thanks for all our efforts as staff, pupils and parents to date:

“On behalf of the social centre in Mandalay, I would like to thank you for your donations. With your amount of money, we can do many things for the students. It might be a small amount for you but your generosity helps us a lot and many students here. Since many of the students are very poor, they come to study with us without paying or rather cannot afford to pay just a little amount of money. 

This year is the fourth year that the school is running and until now the school has to rely on the Province and donations totally. Therefore, we count you as one of our benefactors of the school. We really appreciate your help and we really thank you for all your effort. I would like to beg you to keep on helping us. Without your aid, the running of the school would be impossible.”

On behalf of all our students thank you very much.

Fr. Hilario

Below are photographs from Mayanmar Dominican: