Dominican College celebrate Church Unity Week

Dominican College delighted to celebrate Church Unity Week with two guest speakers

On Monday 21st January, as part of Church unity week, our junior assembly was taken by Alice McAlarey, a local youth worker.

Taking the theme that each of us is an individual, Alice asked pupils to fold their arms, clasp hands, draw circles and a dog in the air to show how our different approaches to these tasks reflect our individual natures. Using two simple props; a scented candle and some salt, Alice focused on the theme of the influence our lives can have on others around us.

She told pupils how both salt and Light were essentials in biblical times and how both only fulfil their potential when used. Concluding her assembly asked pupils how they, like salt, would help preserve the world and stop the rot and what kind of light would they be to influence the world. Her final advice to our younger pupils, all of whom have contributed so much to those less fortunate in their charity efforts, was: “You have to shine wherever you are”.

On Tuesday’s senior assembly, Reverend Terry Laverty from Portstewart Presbyterian church again took salt and light as the basis for his assembly entitled “Pour on the salt and turn on the light”.

He introduced pupils to the missionary work of Amy Carmichael and explained how Ross Wilson’s statue of Amy in Bangor inspired a five year old girl to ask questions of her own faith. He challenged pupils to see that whilst you can give without loving; you cannot love without giving and concluded his assembly with a song challenging our pupils to “Shine from the inside out/ so the world will see you live in me”.

Our school chaplain, Fr Raymond introduced each of this week’s guest speakers and thanked them both for their work within and beyond our community.

The school would like to thank Alice and Terry for their inspirational words and message at this week’s Church Unity Week.

Alice is pictured with Jack and Sophie from year 10 and Fr Raymond and Miss Rainey.

Rev. Terry is pictured with Mrs Willighan, our Head Boy, Emile and Head Girl, Daire.