Church Unity Week at Dominican College


On Monday 28th January we were joined in Dominican College by our special guest Alice McAlary to celebrate Church unity week with our junior pupils and Fr Raymond McCullagh, our School Chaplain.

Fr Raymond introduced Alice as “A special friend of DCP, a wonderful youth worker who will bring us a message of hope”

Alice began by explaining that churches are not buildings but gatherings of people. She challenged our young pupils by asking if they were bystanders or transformers. She defined “transformers” as those who strive for justice. Those with strong feelings about issue and those who “stand up” rather than merely “stand by”. Citing Biblical sources, she urged pupils to pursue justice, display kindness and walk humbly with God.

Developing her theme, Alice spoke about Holocaust Memorial Day and the importance of speaking up. She explained that silence encourages the tormentor and helps persecute the tormented explaining how Elie Wiesel, a Holocaust survivor had pledged never to be silent about human suffering. Alice reflected on her own trips to Auschwitz with groups of young people describing the life changing experience of allowing young people from Russia, Israel, Germany and NI to meet to discuss and reflect on their experiences.

Concluding her assembly, Alice asked our young students

“As you travel through the world will you watch in silence or will you use your gifts and talents to make a difference? I will watch this space with interest. God bless each and everyone one of you as you travel on your journey”

The school would like to thank Alice and Fr Raymond for their inspirational message at today’s assembly.

Alice is pictured with our Principal Ms Ronan, Fr Raymond and Abbie and Sam our Head Girl and Head Boy.