Church Unity Week 2017


Today marks the start of church unity week and, as in many previous years, Dominican College were delighted to welcome to our school members of our local churches to share their faith and vision with us.

Fr Raymond, our Chaplain, invited his University colleagues the Rev. Steven Woods and Andrew Gibson to reflect on what the poet John Hewitt called the “ bond and break” between different Christian denominations.

Jamie, our Head Girl, commenced assembly by reflecting that we are called on as Dominicans to ensure that we do not “hide our lamp under a bowl” but rather to be a light to the people around us. Adam, Our head Boy, led us in prayers of reflection.

Andrew took as his theme the challenge of uniting people from different backgrounds and traditions. He used the film “ Remember the Titans” to explore how racial tensions affected an American High School Football team and showed the pupils the scene where the coach, played by Denzel Washington, used the backdrop of Gettysburg to illustrate his point to the mixed race team that “ unless we come together we will destroy ourselves as well”.

Andrew spoke of the significance of Church Unity week at a local and national level in allowing us to be together and pray together, to put aside differences and spoke of the wonderful beacon that Dominican represents.

Rev Stephen Woods took as his theme Psalm 133; The Psalm of Ascent – “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity”- a line misappropriated during Friday’s presidential inauguration at a time of extreme disunity globally. He told pupils of the origins of this line in a Israel riven by tribal divisions between Judah and Israel and how these tribal factions would seek to share the unity of God’s news.

Concluding the assembly Fr. Raymond thanked Andrew and Steven for their ministries in the University and congratulated Steven on the wonderful news of the recent birth of his son, Matthew.

The school would like to extend Fr. Raymond’s thanks to Andrew and Steven today