Bronze CREST awards for our Year 11 pupils


Well done to our year 11 pupils who received their Bronze CREST Award today at assembly as a result of their superb work in the recent Sentinus/ Digital DNA App development competition.

The pupils were tasked with creating prototypes of an App for an end user using MIT’s App Inventor software, based on a variety of disciplines for an android smartphone. The range of suggested topics covered the full spectrum from mental health issues to business communications.

As a consequence of their hard work and ingenuity in school, the pupils were then faced with the challenge of creating a display and the opportunity to pitch their ideas at Belfast City Hall to a group of professionals from the IT industry including representatives from Allstate and ebay.

Mr McDaid, IT teacher and the project co-ordinator described how the completion, won by two of our pupils last year, gave this year’s cohort of pupils: “The opportunity to have real-life experience of the challenges of the app development process- from initial market research through to evolutionary prototyping. The pupils’ work culminated in being able to pitch their business ideas and the technology behind them to an industry- based panel of experts from the IT sector. Congratulations to all these pupils not only for their success in this STEM-based initiative but in being wonderful ambassadors for Dominican College and the north coast.”