2018 Year 8 pupils encouraged to spread their wings

Our new Year 8 pupils encouraged to spread their wings as they begin their Dominican journey.

“Until you spread your wings you’ll never know how far you can fly”. This was the theme chosen for our Year 8 Mass this week to celebrate the beginning of their Dominican journey.

Our newest pupils gathered with their families on Tuesday September 25th for a special ceremony organised by Ms Rainey and the RE department and celebrated by our school chaplain, Fr Raymond McCullagh.

As they prepared for the service, each of the Year 8 pupils had designed a butterfly to represent their own unique personality and the theme of the mass was about overcoming challenges and achieving your potential.

FR Raymond, in a powerful homily, spoke of the importance of travelling together as a team. He drew parallels with wild geese flying in a V formation where all the individuals benefit from the uplift. He spoke about how, when the lead geese tire, they are replaced by new leaders who are replaced in their turn to maintain the group momentum.

He spoke of the pastoral care of the flock where two geese will protect an injured partner by escorting it to the ground safely. He assured the year 8 pupils that this school would protect, nurture and develop them as learners and urged them to enjoy the journey ahead in the company of friends.

The post – communion reflection drew on the story of a man who stunted the growth of a butterfly by forcing it from its cocoon prematurely thus preventing it from achieving its true potential.

Ms Ronan concluded Tuesday’s mass by thanking the staff and particularly the pupils who had made the evening so special. She thanked parents for the wonderful gift of entrusting us as a school with the precious gift of nurturing and developing their children and helping them discover their wings. She praised the pupils for the wonderful start they had made to their Dominican education and assured them that it would be “merely the blink of an eye” before we gathered again in May 2024 to watch these young people take their first flight away from DCP itself.

Well done to our Year 8 pupils and thank you to our Year 8 parents and families.