Over the past fifteen years we have raised in excess of £150,000 for our sponsored charities. All our pupils are informed by an ethos which, through social justice, aims to help others in need. Pupils constantly fundraise for a wide number of charities and each September our entire school take part in an annual beach walk designed to fundraise for a number of particular charities.

This is due to the generosity of parents and friends of Dominican and to the commitment and dedication of our students. We want to thank everyone who contributed or helped in any way. During the course of this school year 2018-2019 we are asking again for your help and we would like to continue to support a range of charitable causes including the following:

Kevin Bell Repatriation Trust

The KBRT aims to help alleviate the cost of returning the bodies of loved ones who have died tragically or suddenly abroad.

The charity helps families in Ireland.

The charity was founded by the family of a late GAA player who died in an accident in America and have raised over £100k to help other families who find themselves in the same tragic situation.

Kevin Bell, from Newry, died in June in a hit-and-run accident in New York.

This is our second year supporting the KBRT

This charity was very involved in helping the family of Craig Church, a past Dominican pupil who passed away suddenly in China this summer.

St Vincent De Paul

SVP aim to turn concern into action. This charity helps the disadvantaged, marginalised and vulnerable in our local community. The charity was founded by Frederick Osman who was inspired to fight poverty in Paris.

Our school has its own SVP society and we have worked closely with this charity for a number of years.

Dominican College, Mandalay

Through the mother house of the Dominican Order in Rome, we are now in touch with a small school in Mandalay, Myanmar, which may be young in years, but has so much in common with DCP. It is small now, as we were back then and, like us, it is co-ed, welcoming pupils from different traditions, Catholic and Buddhist. It is struggling, as we did for so long.

The official name of the school is Dominican, St Martin de Porres’ Boarding School, founded in 2014. At present there are 103 students, in four levels, 44 boys and 59 girls, approximately half Buddhist and half Catholic. The pupils are 14+ years old. These pupils go to government schools during the day, and to Dominican at night, where 10 teachers help to prepare them for university and other higher education. The final grade, which is essential for university admission, is very difficult to attain. While we expected hard work from our students in DCP, we did not have to go to school in the evenings as well!

Pupils in this school in Myanmar pay what they can towards their education, but the needs are great, and more students could come if the accommodation expanded. Also, sponsorship of students would be a tremendous help, as there is real poverty within the whole community.

Dominican College were delighted to announce the Dominican school in Myanmar as one of this year’s school charities along with the Kevin Bell Repatriation Trust and the SVP. Acknowledging those in need and reaching out in support continues to be a vital part of our Dominican ethos.

As a Golden Jubilee suggestion: could we suggest that DCP past pupils make a one-off contribution, however small, towards our sister-school, and thus make our jubilee memorable for so many young people who also would benefit so much from Dominican education?

We're raising £1500 to help a Dominican school in Mandalay, Myanmar, which is similar to DCP. It is co-ed and welcomes pupils from many different traditions..
Please donate to my JustGiving Crowdfunding Page and help make it happen:
Thanks for your support


Send what you can to Dominican College, Portstewart in support of Dominican Mandalay.